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Symmetry: Culture and Science  is the journal of and is published by the Symmetrion.
The views expressed are those of individual authors, and not necessarily shared by the boards and the editors.

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Edition is backed by the Executive Board, the Advisory Board, and the Board of Electors of the International Symmetry Association  (ISA)

Editor in Chief: György Darvas (Symmetrion, and Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, retired from IRO of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Honorary President of ISA (deceased):

Yuval Ne’eman (laureate of the Einstein Medal)

Honorary Members of the Editors’ Board:

Reiko Kuroda (Tokyo University, Japan),
Haresh Lalvani (Pratt Institute, New York, U.S.A.),
Koji Miyazaki (retired from Kyoto University, Japan),
Joe Rosen (The George Washington University, Washington DC, U.S.A., retired from the Tel-Aviv University, Israel)
Dan Shechtman (Nobel laureate, Technion, Haifa, Israel),
Gerard ‘t Hooft  (Nobel laureate, Utrecht University, The Netherlands),
Steven Weinberg (Nobel laureate, University of Austin, TX, U.S.A.)

Honorary Members (deceased):

Johann J. Burckhardt, Konstantin V. Frolov, Theo Hahn, Kodi Husimi, Vladimir A. Koptsik, Harold Kroto (Nobel laureate), Solomon Marcus, Meir Shinitzky

Chairperson of the Advisory Board:
Chairperson of the Executive Board:
Honorary CEO:




Advisory Editors’ Board

Aerts, Diederik (Leo Apostel Centre (CLEA), ,Brussels Free University, Belgium)
Avnir, David (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel)
Beke, László (Institute of the History of Arts, H. Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary)
Borovkov, Victor (Tallinn University of Technology,  Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Estonia, and College of Chem. and Materials Science, South-Central University for Nationalities, Wuhan, China)
Caglioti, Giuseppe (retired from the Institute of Nuclear Engineering Enrico Fermi, Politecnico di Milan,
Crowe, Donald (Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, U.S.A.)
D’Ambrosio, Ubiratan (University of Sao Paolo, Campinas, Brasil)
Dunham, Doug (Department of Computer Science, University of Minnesota, Duluth, MI, U.S.A.)
Elitzur, Avshalom (Israeli Institute for Advanced Research, and Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel)
He, Matthew (China, and Mathematics and Computer Science, Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, U.S.A.)
Hofkirchner, Wolfgang (Vienna University of Technology, Wien, Austria)
Kappraff, Jay (Department of Mathematics, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, U.S.A.)
Kostov, Ruslan I. (University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”, Sofia, Bulgaria)
Mainzer, Klaus (Emeritus of Excellence, Technische Universität München, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker-Center, Germany)
Marijuán, Pedro C. (Bioinformation Group, Instituto Aragonés de Ciencias de la Salud, Zaragoza, Spain)
Molnár, Emil (Professor Emeritus, Department of Geometry, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary)
Négadi, Tidjani (Physics Department, University of Oran, Algeria)
Olovsson, Ivar (retired from the Institute of Chemistry, University of Uppsala, Sweden)
Pardavi-Horvath, Martha (Professor Emerita, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, The George Washington University, Washington, DC, U.S.A., and Hungary)
* Petoukhov, Sergey V. (Chairperson of the Advisory Board, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia)
Pimenta, Emanuel Dimas de Melo (ASA Art and Technology, Lisbon, Portugal)
Pollack, Gerald (The Pollack Laboratory, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, U.S.A.)
Ruffini, Remo (ICRA Net, Pescara, Italy, retired from the Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Rome, Italy)
Schulte, Egon (Department of Mathematics, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, U.S.A.)
Séquin, Carlo (CS Division, EECS Department, University of California at Berkeley, CA, U.S.A.)
Tennant, Raymond (State University of NY at Albany and Educational Consultant for Colleges and Universities, Roanoke, Virginia, U.S.A.)
Verostko, Roman ( ISEA, Minneapolis, MI, U.S.A.)
Vitiello, Giuseppe (Department of Physics “E.R. Caianiello”, University of Salerno, Italy)
Wegner, Bernd (retired from the Department of Mathematics, Technical University, Berlin, Germany)
Wysmuller, Tom (Climate studies, Greater Boston Area, MA, U.S.A.)
Zee, Anthony (KAVLI Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara, CA, U.S.A.)
Zenkin, Konstantin (Tchaikovsky Moscow State  Conservatory, Moscow, Russia)

Executive Editors’ Board

Banney, David (CEO of ISA, School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia, Australia)
Fenyvesi, Kristóf (Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä, Finland, and Hungary)
* Gould, Laurence I. (Chairperson of the ISA Executive Board, Physics Department, University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT, U.S.A.)
Katona, Vilmos (Associate professor at the University of Pécs, Hungary)
Petitjean, Michel (Université de Paris, BFA, CNRS UMR 8251, INSERM ERL U1133, Paris, France)
Sugimoto, Takeshi (Department of Information-Systems Creation, Kanagawa University, Kanagawa Ward,
Yokohama, Japan)
Bonch-Osmolovskaya, Tatiana (Associated with the Sydney University, Sydney, Australia)

Board of Electors (Supporters of the Technical Edition)

Bérczi, Szaniszló (Institute of Physics, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary)
Dárdai, Zsuzsa (MADI Mobile Museum Foundation, Szokolya, Hungary)
Darvas, György (Symmetrion, Budapest, Hungary)
Farkas, Tamás F. (retired from the Ybl Miklós Faculty of the Szent istván University, Budapest, Hungary)
Gévay, Gábor (Department of Geometry, Bolyai Insitute, University of Szeged, Hungary)
Kabai, Sándor (UNICO, Püspökladány, Hungary)

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