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Additional items available at the Symmetrion:


Line – The Feeling of One Dimension
Catalogue of the leading exhibition of the Symmetry Festival 2009
International exhibition of geometric arts in Gallery B55 and Gallery Fény Budapest
Edited by János Saxon-Szász
Curator, conception, introduction: Zsuzsa Dárdai
Published in Budapest:
Symmetrology Foundation and the International Mobil MADI Museum Foundation
ISBN 978-963-87386-7-7
64 pages, B5 format, 50 artworks, full colour
Price: €40.00

Old Publications

Symmetry of Structure,
Extended abstracts of an Interdisciplinary Symposium
Eds., G. Darvas and D. Nagy.
Publ.: ISIS-Symmetry, Budapest, 1989. Vols. I and II, 656 pages, b/w illus., paperback
Price: €30.00

Symmetry: Natural and Artificial 1, 2, 3, 4

Proceedings of the 3rd Interdisciplinary Congress and Exhibition of ISIS-Symmetry
Eds., G. Darvas, D. Nagy, M. Pardavi-Horváth
Publ., Symmetrion, Budapest, 1995. ISBN 963 04 8469 2, 734 pages, b/w illus. hard cover.
Price: €60.00.

Ars (Dis)Symmetrica’99
Science Reflected in the Arts – Art in the Sciences,
(Full colour catalogue of two exhibitions)
Ed.: G. Darvas. Introduced by G. Darvas, A. Loeb and F. Ilgen
Published jointly by the Institute for Research Organization of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Symmetrion, Budapest, 1999, 144 pages. ISBN: 963 03 7910 4.
Price: €30.00

published in 2000
Edited by Sándor Kabai
Consulting editors: Koji Miyazaki and Gábor Gévay
480 pages, b/w illus., paperback,
Price: €60.00

Old copies of the journal Symmetry: Culture and Science

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