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Symmetry: Culture and Science  is the journal of and is published by the Symmetrion.
The views expressed are those of individual authors, and not necessarily shared by the boards and the editors.


Edition is backed by the Executive Board, the Advisory Board, and the Board of Electors of the International Symmetry Association

Honorary President (deceased):

Yuval Ne’eman

Honorary Members:

Reiko Kuroda,
Haresh Lalvani,
Koji Miyazaki,
Joe Rosen,
Dan Shechtman (Nobel laureate),
Gerard ‘t Hooft  (Nobel laureate),
Steven Weinberg (Nobel laureate)

Honorary Members (deceased):

Johann J. Burckhardt, Konstantin V. Frolov, Theo Hahn, Kodi Husimi, Vladimir A. Koptsik, Harold Kroto (Nobel laureate), Solomon Marcus, Meir Shinitzky

Chairman of the Advisory Board:
Chairman of the Executive Board:
Honorary CEO:




Advisory Board

Aerts, Diederik (Belgium)
Avnir, David (Israel)
Beke, László (Hungary)
Borovkov, Victor (Japan and Estonia)
Caglioti, Giuseppe (Italy)
Collier, John (Canada and South Africa)
Crowe, Donald (USA)
D’Ambrosio, Ubiratan (Brasil)
Diudea, Mircea (Romania)
Dunham, Doug (USA)
Elitzur, Avshalom (Israel)
He, Matthew (China and USA)
Hofkirchner, Wolfgang (Austria)
Kappraff, Jay (USA)
Kostov, Ruslan I. (Bulgaria)
Mainzer, Klaus (Germany)
Marijuán, Pedro C. (Spain)
Molnár, Emil (Hungary)
Négadi, Tidjani (Algeria)
Olovsson, Ivar (Sweden)
Pardavi-Horvath, Martha (USA and Hungary)
Petoukhov, Sergey V. (Russia)
Pimenta, Emanuel Dimas de Melo (Portugal)
Pollack, Gerald (USA)
Ruffini, Remo (Italy)
Schulte, Egon (USA)
Séquin, Carlo (USA)
Tennant, Raymond (United Arab Emirates and USA)
Verostko, Roman (USA)
Vitiello, Giuseppe (Italy)
Wegner, Bernd (Germany)
Wysmuller, Tom (USA)
Zee, Anthony (USA)
Zenkin, Konstantin (Russia)

Executive Board

Banney, David (Australia)
Fenyvesi, Kristóf (Finland and Hungary)
Gould, Laurence I. (USA)
Petitjean, Michel (France)
Sugimoto, Takeshi (Japan)
Bonch-Osmolovskaya, Tatiana (Australia)

Board of Electors

Bérczi, Szaniszló
Dárdai, Zsuzsa
Darvas, György
Farkas, Tamás F.
Gévay, Gábor
Kabai, Sándor

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